The College of Economics and Industrial Management was created in 2010 at the initiative of Rector Dmitry Livanov to enhance MISiS’s students competence in economics and to teach them fundamental managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

Through contemporary, comprehensive curricula students acquire professional theoretical and practical skills in the areas of automated and organizational management, production management and marketing, current economic analysis and pricing, investment ventures, accounting, economic laws, and environmental and industrial safety.

Students receive instruction not only from the college's faculty members but also from experts in leading metallurgical companies, such as OMK, Mechel, and Alcoa. Additionally, they spend part of their first academic year on placement in both Russian and foreign metallurgical companies. This initiative gives students the opportunity to test the theoretical skills they have learned in the academic environment while encourag entrepreneurship and aid in adapting to real-life conditions.

The college also holds a number of annual academic and research conferences for students at home and abroad, including events at Cracow University of Economics in Poland and at the Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

The College Offers the Following Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  • 080100 Economics (Finance & Credit, Bookkeeping, Financial Analysis and Accounting, and Organizational and Industrial Economics)
  • 080200 Management (Organizational Management, Economics and Industrial Management, and Human Resources Management)
  • 080500 Information Technology and Business (Enterprise Architecture and Technological Entrepreneurship) 

The College Offers the Following Master’s Programs:

  • Industrial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Information Management
  • Applied Information Science in Economics
  • General and Strategic Management

Students who graduate from one of the above programs consistently secure rewarding employment in both state and private industrial and research centers and in governmental institutions, often obtaining administrative positions in these organizations.

We will be happy to assist you in electing the best academic option for you. Please note that instruction in all of the programs we offer is carried out in Russian. - Director of the College – Prof. Vladimir Romenets.