The college offers a high-quality education in the field of automatic control systems and information technologies, placing a special emphasis on acquainting students with new, cutting-edge technologies used in automatic control systems.

While providing students with necessary theoretical and practical skills in economics and informatics, the college’s teaching faculty make sure students obtain sufficient training in engineering. Students apply their theoretical knowledge on placement in leading home and international metallurgical companies, which help them succeed in their professional life upon graduation. From the very beginning, students both at the undergraduate and graduate levels are encouraged to carry out research experiments in information technologies and economics.

A multi cross-disciplinary educational base provided by the college helps students fulfill their goals in real life conditions and find desirable employment upon graduation from the university.

The college is comprised of five departments: Computer-Aided Management Systems; Cybernetics; Department of Computer Information and Management Systems of Automatics; Electrical Engineering and Microprocessor-based Electronics; Engineering Design.