Mining is one of the oldest manufacturing industries, which has always been in demand. It is a dynamic field that requires highly skilled professionals. The Moscow Mining University (MISiS Mining College of MISiS) with nearly a century of history prepares such specialists.

Moscow Mining Academy (MGA) was established by decree of the Council of People's Commissars in 1918. In 1930, the Moscow Mining Institute (MGI), Moscow Institute of Steel (MISA), Moscow Geological Exploration Institute, Moscow Oil Institute, Moscow Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals and Gold and Moscow Institute of Peat were established on the basis of MGA. In 1962, MGA was reorganized into the Moscow Institute of Radio Electronics and Mining Electrical Engineering (MIRGEM). In 1966, the MIRGEM transformed into the Moscow Mining Institute (MGI). In 1993, MGI renamed the Moscow State Mining University. In March 2014 the Moscow Mining Institute and the National University of Science and Technological “MISiS” merged.

The composition of the Mining College consists of 16 departments, Center for Distance Learning, Re-training Center for Qualification Improvement of Mining Engineers and Energy Auditors, Strategic Research, Design Expertise, Scientific and Educational Testing Laboratory for Physics and Chemistry of Coal, and the Rzhev Museum and the Yershov Geological Museum.

The Mining College prepares the personnel in mining, physical processes of mining or oil and gas production, Land transport and technological means specialties and directions of training, such as design and technological support for engineering industries and power and electrical engineering.