Background of INOBR

  • Growing need for enterprises of tech sectors of the Russian economy in the new technologies of production and management
  • Need for retraining as a result of the economic crisis;
  • Need for continued development of the teaching staff, their involvement in the wider provision of educational services based on innovative technologies in the production, management and education.

Objectives of INOBR

Meeting the needs of client companies in educational services at all levels and directions, promoting the introduction of technology in domestic enterprises by providing world-class educational services Development of forms and quality of additional vocational training in MISiS.

Tasks of INOBR

  • Study of customer needs, opportunities for MISiS and partners in the implementation of these requirements.
  • Selection of artists and project management needs of customers in the implementation of educational services.
  • Development of organizational and methodological models of interaction between the university and enterprises in order to obtain the highest effect on the provision of educational services.
  • Organization development training courses for the study of management and production of world-class.
  • Training of managers and specialists work on innovative technologies.
  • Development and creation of new educational services for MISiS in accordance with the needs of customers.
  • Consolidation and accounting departments work for MISiS in additional professional education.