MIS&S Becomes Founding Member of National Platform for Open Education

April 1, 2015 the constituent assembly of the Association “National Platform for Open Education” held a meeting. The founders of the non-profit organization for the development of the Russian online learning portal are eight leading Russian universities. Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, MIPT, St. Petersburg State University, SPbPGU, ITMO, and UFU also have entered the list of the Association founders.

“I think it is absolutely right that the problem relies on the leading universities, which have been heavily invested and which not only can but should be responsible for the quality of educational content,” emphasized Dmitry Livanov, Minister of Science and Education of Russia.

Possible usage of online course models was discussed at a meeting of the Council for the Open Education at the Ministry of Science and Education of Russia.

“There are three options for the use of the courses, - said Dmitry Livanov - the first is an additional high-quality content, the second - the courses that are part of the educational programs for those universities who have voluntarily decided to use them in their program, and the third - the courses that will be able to be taken by everyone.” Council members have agreed that it is necessary to establish a regulatory framework for study credit transfer results, obtained during the study of online courses, at the universities.

“Quality education through online courses greatly extends the range of educational opportunities to the highest standards. Now students are able to choose in which University they want to study a particular course. They have an opportunity to learn from the best teachers of the country,” explained Alevtina Chernikova, rector of MIS&S. 
However, not only the founding universities of the association will count the results of study at the national portal. Dmitry Livanov assured  the participants that the ministry will encourage all Russian universities to develop internal regulations on the procedure of study credit transfer results for online courses.

Association members have approved the list of courses developed by each university. For example, MIS&S is going to develop eleven courses for the National Platform of Open Education such as Thermodynamics, Strength of Materials, Kinetics, Metrology and Standardization, Health and Safety, Materials Science, among others. Each university must submit at least four online courses by September because this is the start term for the project.