Thomson Reuters Collaborates with National University of Science and Technology MIS&S

The National University of Science and Technology MISiS is Russia’s first higher education institution to use Thomson Reuters’ state-of-the-art research scientific information management system Converis. The new partnership aims to help MISiS manage the research lifecycle more efficiently and increase the University’s global research impact, thus boosting its international competitive advantage.

The University will use Thomson Reuters Converis, a solution offered by The Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters, to optimize different types of scientific data in a single information environment and create a more transparent internal review process. Converis is a research information management system that can manage the complete research lifecycle, from the earliest due diligence in the grant process through the final publication and application of research results. Converis allows for understanding the full scope of an organization’s contributions by building scholarly profiles based on publishing and citations and specifically tracking success within an organization by layering in institutional data.

The MISiS partnership with Thomson Reuters signifies the implementation of the first project designed to integrate a full-scale scientific data management system at the University. As part of the partner agreement with Thomson Reuters, MISiS already uses leading Thomson Reuters research and analytics tools, including the company’s flagship solutions Web of Science and InCites

Web of Science connects publications and researchers through citations and controlled indexing in curated databases spanning every discipline. With the use of Web of Science the University can track prior research and monitor current developments in over 100 year's worth of content that is fully indexed, including 2.6 million records and files dating back to 1898.

MISiS also uses InCites, which is a customized, web-based research evaluation tool that helps analyze institutional productivity and benchmark the organization’s output against peers worldwide. InCites provides MISiS with a comprehensive insight into the University’s performance due to customized citation data, global metrics, and multidimensional profiles on the leading research institutions.
Oleg Utkin, Thomson Reuters IP & Science head in Russia, said,

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with MISiS to help the University effectively manage its scientific and research workflow and advance its research initiatives, thus achieving greater publicity of research findings globally. The scientific research field is getting more and more competitive, and it is crucial that a research institution has all the resources and tools it needs to boost its competitive advantage.”

He added, “Thomson Reuters is glad to be maintaining strategic partnerships with Russian scientific and research institutions by providing them with industry-leading instruments.”
Mikhail Filonov, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations at MISiS, said, “The university is dedicated to expanding its research footprint in various traditional and emerging science fields such as Metallurgy and Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Biomedicine, IT, and other research frontiers. We are sure that our partnership with Thomson Reuters will help the University manage our scientific goals more effectively.”