Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100

The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market. NUST MISiS is proud to be one of the 15 university participants. The main expected result of the project is that by 2020 Russia will have a group of university-leaders with an effective management structure and a strong international academic reputation that meets global development trends and can quickly adapt to global changes.

To increase competitiveness within the global sphere of science and education, NUST MISiS is focused on its key competencies: world-renowned fundamental and applied research in materials science, metallurgy, mining, nanotechnologies, IT and biomedicine.

The Program to Increase the Competitiveness of NUST MISiS (Project 5-100) covers all areas of the university's activities, both internal (education, science, extracurricular activities, administration and services) and external (outreach to prospective students and potential collaboration with business).

NUST MISiS Roadmap of Ten Strategic Initiatives

  1. Implementing mechanisms both to ensure the concentration of resources on breakthrough areas and to disengage from less effective areas.
  2. Establishing governance system in the university to meet target model indicators and characteristics.
  3. Developing an organizational change management model.
  4. Attracting and developing key university staff, improving the quality of research and academic teaching staff.
  5. Attracting talented students and postgraduates.
  6. Establishing a portfolio of the university's programs and intellectual products, ensuring international competitiveness.
  7. Promoting the role of NUST MISiS as a leader in innovation.
  8. Developing a university infrastructure to meet present-day requirements.
  9. Ensuring stable financing of university operations, including diversification of funding sources.
  10. Enhancing the university's profile and reputation in the international academic community and information sphere (i.e., in mass media).

Key Results of the Program in Science

  • International Scientific Advisory Council was established in December 2013 at NUST MISiS. ISAC members are experts in relevant fields of science and leading scholars from the best universities worldwide. A core function of the to council is support the decision-making process of university administration on major questions of strategic development of NUST MISiS, research, innovation, and learning.
  • NUST MISiS develops world-class scientific laboratories. Twenty-one world-class scientific laboratories and scientific educational centers are operating at the university.
  • Research and development (R&D) projects involving leading and young world scientists received grant support within the framework of three open international competitions.
  • Publication activity at NUST MISiS shows substantial growth in the international data bases Web of Science and Scopus

Key Results of the Program in Education

  • In 2014, ten new academic programs were prepared including three new programs taught in English. The proportion of international students enrolled in educational programs reached 16 percent in 2014. In 2014, applicants from over 30 countries worldwide became students of NUST MISiS.
  • A scholarship fund to support preparatory and Master’s program students was established. Thirty-eight international students were enrolled following bilateral agreements with international educational partner institutions and in the framework of university associations and unions to set up and implement joint educational programs.
  • NUST MISiS develops services for international students as an element of foreign student adaptation ecosystem. Assistance in visa application process and consultations on migration and labor legislation are provided for students. Foreign student education paper recognition services has been established; over 500 foreign applicants took advantage of this service free of charge in 2014.
  • NUST MISiS established the «Russian as a Foreign Language for Engineering Disciplines» Competence Center.
  • NUST MISiS increases the range of academic programs with an international accreditation.
  • NUST MISiS invited 40 speakers from universities and R&D companies from Germany, UK, Israel, Spain, Canada, Portugal, USA, Sweden, France, Finland, and Japan to conduct lectures, seminars, and individual classes for students and faculty members, including the traditional annual cycle «Christmas Lectures» on key areas of science.
  • In 2014, the Careers Service was established.