Corporate Communication

Instructor:Tatiana Mikhaylenko
Author:Liudmila Minaeva
Updated:3 August, 2014

Course Summary

Corporate Communication examines communication strategies for creating a powerful, consistent corporate identity that will provide long-term benefits and value to an organization. The course aims at providing knowledge about the nature of corporate communication and the many ways in which PR managers can handle, manage and resolve out- and in-house communication problems. The course reviews a set of activities involved in managing internal and external communications aimed at creating favorable point-of-view among audiences on which the company depends, such as customers, government bodies, media, employees, and local community. Students leave the class with a realistic understanding of how to communicate with different audiences in routine and crisis situations.

Course Format

Hours of lecture Hours of discussion Hours of independent study Total numbers of hours
9 31 56 96

Please note that the time spent on independent study exceeds hours of lecture and discussion.

Course Content

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Setting the Scene (4 hours)
    • basic concepts of corporate communication
    • corporate identity, image, reputation
    • target audiences of corporate communication
  2. Clients Relations (8 hours)
    • strategic corporate communication
    • integrated marketing communications
    • product promotion
    • company promotion on the Internet
  3. Media Relations (10 hours)
    • mass media as a target audience and a channel of communication
    • classification of the media
    • information processing
    • texts and events for the media
    • ethical foundations of media relations
  4. Public Affairs (8 hours)
    • Government Relations
    • lobbying
    • ethical foundations of Government Relations
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate philanthropy
  5. Employee Communications (4 hours)
    • personnel as a strategic corporate resource
    • the system of internal communication
  6. Crisis Communication (6 hours)
    • classification of crises
    • communication in crisis
    • crisis as an opportunity of corporate innovation

Reading List

Required reading:

  1. Argenti Paul A. (2013) Corporate Communication. 6th ed. McGraw Hill Education, New York.
  2. Argenti Paul A. (2009) Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications. McGraw Hill Education, New York.
  3. Aronson Merry, Spetner Don, Ames Carol (2010) The Public Relations Writer’s Handbook. The Digital Age. John Wiley & Sons, USA.

Recommended reading:

  1. Chumikov A.N. (2013) Antikrizisnyje kommunicatsii. Moscow: Aspect Press (in Russian).
  2. Chumikov A.N., Bocharov M.P. (2012) Gosudarstvennyi PR. Svyazi s obshchestvennost’u dla gosudarstvennykh organizathij i proektov. Moscow: Aspect Press (in Russian).
  3. Minaeva L.V. (2010) Vnutrikorporativnyje svyazi s obshchestvennost’u. Moscow: Aspect Press (in Russian).

Online resources:

  1. Sites of commercial organizations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Homework Assignments

Homework will be assigned weekly. You will be expected to study the books from the reading list and to analyze various cases. There will be four tests. You will also have to prepare a 3-minute talk on Public Affairs, and write a 3000-word summary on clients relations.


It is a graded course of study. You should complete all the assignments and take an exam.

Russian Grading System:

Excellent (A)
Good (B)
Satisfactory (C)
Unsatisfactory (D)