Nano-scale Photovoltaics


Course Summary

This course allows the students to become acquainted with innovative ideas of modernization of solar cells by means of materials created at a nano-scale.

The foundations of this technology include extensive understanding of the properties of materials in use, their potential uses and abilities, as well as the properties of real nano-scale objects. The students will learn in detail about the existing defects in nano-objects, appearance and behavior of mobile defect complexes during the technological processing. The self-organization , self-formation and radiation stimulated aspects of nanotechnology are also studied, which include structures with defects which result form radiation and other defects.

As result of completing this course, the students will learn the basics about quantum effects at nano-scle, particulars of their use in known materials and structures, as well as about the current problems and challenges which are necessary to solve for further development of this scientific division.

Course Format

Hours of lecture Hours of discussion Hours in laboratory Hours of independent study Total numbers of hours
0 17 55 72

Course Content

  1. Introduction to nanotechnology
    • Nano-scale engineering
    • Quantum effects
    • Quantum-size effects
    • Quantum objects in nanotechnology
  2. Nano-materials for photo-electric elements
    • Nano-structured coatings for solar panels
    • Graphine in solar panels
    • Quantum objects in photo-electric structures
  3. Solar paints, powdered photo-electric elements
  4. Comparative studies of nanotechnology use in photo-electric devices


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