Technology of Solar Panel Manufacturing


Course Summary

This course is designed to provide the students with all necessary information required for production planning. It includes explanation of production plant planning and process implementation based on examples of the modern equipment used in industry along with the requirements for the exploitation of such equipment.

The course explores the various types of production line and the methods of work-space organization according to the established rules of environmental and technical safety used for the materials, techniques and technologies of solar cell production.

The students will acquire the planning skills necessary for carrying out financial calculation, implementing management efficiency, proper production output, quality control and continuous production cycle.

Upon completion of the course the students will gain the knowledge about organization of solar cell and solar panel production plants, renewable energy market sector, which makes them capable of establishing and managing a working business model specializing on proficient solar cell and solar panel production.

Course Format

Hours of lecture Hours of discussion Hours in laboratory Hours of independent study Total numbers of hours
34 34 118 186

Course Content

  1. Solar cells production technologies
    • Thin film
    • Crystal structures
    • Photochemical cells (hydrogen production)
    • Hydrogen storage
  2. Solar thermal conversion and thermoelectric systems
    • Solar energy collectors
    • Heat storage systems
    • Heat exchange systems
    • Thermoelectric systems
    • Thermoelectric materials


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