Steps to Enroll

The following are the major 10 steps an international student should take to get enrolled in MISiS’s full-time International Master's Programs:

Step 1
Choose a program of study you would like to take at MISiS. Please check the following page on the site: Tuition & Fees
Step 2
Complete . See the list of documents you will need to complete and submit the application. However if you don't have some of them just yet, you can still submit the appication, and upload other documents later. The application deadline for Fall 2016 is 1 August 2016.
Step 3

You should expect to receive the decision of the Admissions Committee regarding the educational grant within 10 working days after the submission deadline. You will also receive a draft of the Learning Agreement. Take some time to study the proposed agreement and ask us questions if you have any. Then sign it and send to us a hard copy of the Agreement via express mail. MISiS must receive your definitive response by fax +7 (495) 647-23-01 or e-mail it to us at no later than 50 days before the classes start. You will also need to send a scanned copy of the Learning Agreement and the tracking number of your parcel.

Please know that MISiS may ask you to provide other documents and/or certificates to award you an educational grant.

Step 4
MISiS will file a visa application form with the Federal Migration Bureau, which will issue your Visa Invitation Letter within 30 working days. MISiS will then send this Letter of Invitation to your address within 10 days after the approval. After receiving this document, you should schedule an appointment at the Russian Embassy/Consulate in your home country for an interview and your visa will then be issued in due time.
Step 5
While waiting for the invitation letter: contact the Consulate of the Russian Federation in your country to find out what additional documents are required in order to obtain your Russian visa and make sure you have them ready to submit when the invitation letter arrives.
Step 6
Your Invitation Letter is valid for 90 days. The expiration dates of the Invitation Letter and those of the entrance visa are the same. You are expected to arrive in Moscow at least a month before the visa is expired and not later than 2 days before the Fall semester start date.
Step 7

After receiving the visa, send your preliminary itinerary (airline carrier, flight details including ETA and ETD) to an admission officer to arrange your transfer from the airport to your residence in Moscow.

Note: these people will be happy to answer your questions on Mon-Fri, 10.00 - 18.00 (local time - GMT+03:00):

  • English speakers:

    Tim Schmidt, Advisor to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, tel.: +7 499 230 27 97, e-mail:

  • Russian speakers:

    Polina Tyurina, Acting Head of International Student Services Office, tel.: +7 499 230 24 09.

Step 8
Before travelling to Russia, this information might be useful for you: International Student Handbook.
Step 9
Please keep all the boarding passes and your Migration Card (you will be issued it during the flight or at the border). When completing the Migration Card, indicate “STUDY” (“Учеба” – in Russian) in the Purpose of the Visit section and “MISIS” (or МИСиС – in Russian) in the Name of the Organization section.
Step 10

Within one to three business days upon arrival to Russia you must visit the International Office ( Leninskiy Prospect 6, Building G, room G-363) you need to bring the following documents:

  • passport with Russian translation
  • academic documents (diploma and transcripts, with Russian translation)
  • medical health forms with Russian translation
  • eight passport-style color photos in matte (not glossy) format
  • proof of medical insurance

Each translation must be notarized by the Russian Consulate/Embassy in your country or be the Consulate/Embassy of your country in Russia. The translations may also by notarized by Notary’s Agencies in your country officially approved and recommended by the Russian Consulate/Embassy in your country.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us at